Virtual Bricks – Easter 2021

The Eggcitement is building!  Here is our Easter Eggstravaganza, a virtual brick show.  Now read on and click through to our Youtube channel for the videos.

Click here to get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt:

Our interview with the fan designer of the new Winnie-the Pooh set is here:

And here is Steve with some tips on design:

Some minifig scenes:

A Lego mosaic:

A review of the Carrot House set:

A Lego Aquarium

Some truly magnificent Minecraft:


Sonic the Hedgehog:

Crazy Golf:

The Lego Jeep:

Bounty Hunters:

Boxing match of the Giants:

A seasonal set review:

Glasgow’s famous Brick Subway:

Here is our tuk-tuk parade:

We start with a waltzer from M&J amusments:  See it in action here.