The Brick Pit – 4

Stuntz Stunt Show Truck Set 60294 – Robert Clarkson

This is a review of a set from late last year that I have acquired for the parts and bikes. It is LEGO Stuntz Stunt Show Truck Set number 60294. The set strikes me as a development of the Amusement Park sets of recent years, it would certainly fit in well as an attraction in any home-made Fairground display. Plus, with the addition of other Stuntz Show sets, it makes for a diverse, entertaining attraction in any home made Fairground.

With this association with a Fun Fair, the set itself promises “Fun”. It has ’Fun’ colours, certainly bright, fruity ones with its Lime and Orange. There are ‘Fun’ parts with over 80 different elements, some new (to me anyway), such as the 1×1 Technic brick with axle hole (part 6336539) and the round 2×2 plate with rotation stem (part number 6252373). “Fun” building includes a truck cabin, a trailer that converts into a “Fun” Dunk Tank, a stunt fly-wheel powered self-driving motorbike that can do wheelies, and 4 Minifigures (each distinctively designed and unique). Oh, and a Teal Brick Separator (surely a new colour is due to be introduced?).

There are the inevitable handful of stickers to put in place. You may not know but the number plate of the truck, AC60294, identifies one of design team (in this case AC – but I don’t know who that is) and the set number.

The build is relatively easy and comes with some interesting techniques and quirky extras. Examples include the way the vertical exhaust pipe stays up, the mud-wings over the double wheels, and the inclusion of a couple of black and white angler fish in the dunk tank. I think there is an error in the building instructions as I find LEGO have placed the steering wheel inside the cab of the truck the wrong side. In the UK we have the wheel on the right side; the correct side. 🙂

The bike is a simple build but has great speed when ‘wound up’ (actually you push it forward 3 times before letting it go) and it travels some distance, say 20 meters before running out of juice. I have a couple of issues as regards the bike. Firstly, for a set with this price tag, there is only one bike – so disappointing! Secondly, it takes a bit of practice to set it off in exactly the right direction you aiming for.

I am aware that this type of set is aimed at an eight-year-old boy, but it has plenty of redeeming qualities for an adult to utilise and manipulate. I certainly enjoyed making it and I would recommend it for its less common parts. The rrp for this set was £55 and to me it did seem overpriced.  Amazingly, Amazon are selling the set (December 2023) for £26.63, that’s a whopping 52% discount – something that commands a second look.