The Northern Brickworks Castle

This castle layout was built by 20 members of Northern Brickworks with help from Lego, who kindly sold us the pieces. It has taken us two years from idea to today’s finished castle, and we’ve used so many bricks we’ve lost count!

The layout is a slice through a castle with the coastal plain leading up to the moat and curtain wall. There’s a town in the Outer Bailey, then the inner walls and the keep inside the Inner Bailey. Finally there’s a tournament taking place.

The castle was displayed at Bricktastic in February 2022.  And now for some pictures!  We start with an overview, from the keep end to the sea, flanking shots of the centre sections:


How about we go on a tour, walking clockwise around the display?  Let’s start with Jessica’s tournament:

Next up is Robert’s keep and Jim’s stables, with Simon P’s town to the left:

… And Jamie built some walls but they were no deterrent to this bunch!

Robert’s market and Neil’s house up next, and a town section from Nate.  Note the queue for the Medieval Lego Shoppe…


Carl built this castle wall, seen from front and back:

Next up is this moat, outer wall, and bridge from Chris F and Fe:

… And a windmill from Thomas:

Chris M built a ruined castle section:

And as we continue our trip around the display, next are Rob’s forest and in the background, Simon B’s mercanaries:

Jim’s Vikings are getting a warm reception:

Coast section by Bobby plus forest from Margaret and Sarah G.  This brings us halfway around the display!

More forest from Margaret and Sarah:

Next up are some battle scenes, from Dave W, Richard, Adam B, and Tomasz.  Notice the trebuchet which we test-fired before the visitors came in!


Back up to the moat, sections build by Fe and Chris F:

and the town inn by Chris F:

More town from Fe and Chris F:

Simon P built an entire town just outside the walls:

And finally, back to the keep end of the display with Robert’s keep and Jim’s chapel.  You get another view of Jamie’s walls, too.