Trafford Centre Store opening

A Cupboard In A Wall

Northern Brickworks members attend the opening of the new LEGO store in Manchester

On the evening of Wednesday 15th November over 20 AfoLs of the now well established Northern Brickworks joined many other AfoLs, special guests and ‘the Press’, to experience a preview of this new store.  And, of course, spend a few (or considerable, in some cases) pounds on their favourite pieces of plastic.

The first thing that struck me was how wide the store was.  All 3 walls were filled with shelves; which were themselves filled with a considerable variety of LEGO sets.  All themes seemed to be catered for and the boxes ranged from quite small to enormously large.  But, in the centre of the store, there the space was very generous.  Even with play and build activities scattered amongst more items to buy, such as key chains, build a Minifigure, etc.

This space dispelled any impression that the shop was over crowded.  For example, it meant that you could comfortably carry your UCS Millennium Falcon across the floor space to the tills without colliding into other shoppers or their backpacks, or the stand-alone shelf units.  With access and egress assured, finding the funds to pay for it was the obstacle you would have to overcome on your own.

On the right-hand wall was the Pick-a-Brick selection.  I have to admit, I found this area disappointing as it was not the PaB wall we have become familiar with – it was more a PaB cupboard.  It was small, quite small.  Judge for yourself with the above picture.

Cardboards boxes have replaced tubs and (as you can see) we were being challenged to fit in as many parts as we could.  [note to self – must get a handful of these and make them a challenge at one of next years Manchester Area AfoL Meet-ups.]

Something else unique to this store was the giant bee.  This dominates the left wall and is a very impressive build.  It naturally compliments the bee as a symbol of Manchester and it features on the City’s a coat of arms

Lastly, special appreciation has to go to Harry Toll, who   became the   celebrity of   the night   by stepping forward and undertaking an interview with the Manchester Evening News.  Harry, was a brilliant ambassador (only temporary Aaron), he was cool, articulate, funny, and made sure that the MEN reporter knew all about the existence of Northern Brickworks.  Well done.

The link to this reports ‘blog’ and Harry’s interview (10 minutes in) is here.  How many NB members (and other guests) can you spot in the background?

Manchester is proud to be the only city outside London to have 2 LEGO Brand Retail Stores, and a LEGOLand Discovery Centre.  On this occasion as it celebrated the opening of the store it provided a fantastic and rewarding evening for its visitors.

Bye from me (Robert Clarkson), Anita and Santa.

Have a Merry Christmas.