Floss’s Fantastic Flowers

Northern Brickworks member, Floss, recently displayed her range of LEGO botanical flowers, a perfect mix of official sets and some fantastic MOCs, all fittingly presented in a café within a botanical garden open to visitors. She hopes to display again next year – so watch this space!

This is what Floss had to say about her superb mini-exhibition:

“I have been a member of Northern Brickworks LUG for nearly 9 years. My first love for displaying at events was LEGO fairground rides, then followed my LEGO farm, delayed by covid. Last year LEGO released their new Botanical range and knowing how much I love flowers and plants, it really was a case of, “take my money“. I just fell in love with them and have purchased every set they have released, many of them in multiples. Once I started I couldn’t stop and spent many happy hours surfing Facebook for other people’s designs. Then I spent many happy hours looking through elements on bricklink and finding out all the different colours available in elements. Before long I was designing my own LEGO flowers and I have to say, “I have never enjoyed building LEGO as much as I do now“. I have made friends on Facebook from around the world who also share my passion in building flowers out of LEGO and we share each others ideas. I can’t look at a flower now without seeing LEGO elements. I guess you could say, “I’m Botanical Bonkers”. Now if only LEGO would release new botanical sets as much as they do Star Wars and Harry Potter! I would be drowning in elements.

Seeing people’s faces when I tell them the elements used to make the flowers is brilliant. The surprise and shock is awesome and the kids response’s is really funny. The girls can’t believe I make flowers out of minifigs hair pieces and hair brushes. The surprise on the boys faces when I tell them the roses are made out of car bonnets is one of shock. Looking at my flowers, even I can’t believe some of the elements used to build flowers.”