Virtual Bricks 2020

Starting on 24th March 2020, the UK was locked down because of the coronavirus.  A lot of shows have been cancelled or postponed, so we thought we’d host a virtual event – you can still build your MOC and let people see it here.

But first – a word from our sponsor (well, some of our members, actually) about us and our Lego User Group.  We’ve had a good time making the Lego models (MOCs) you will see in the pictures and videos below.  If you’d like to know more, click here.  And you’re welcome to join us!

A selection of stunning MOCs by Tim – click through for his commentary starting with this bridge over untroubled water:

It’s Space, Jim, but not as we know it.  Thomas has built three space trucks, click through to hear his description:


The sun is out, the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view… Fe presents a day at the beach!  Click through for the video tour.

Here is Darren with his Wizard of Oz MOC.  It’s Hello, Yellow Brick Road!  Click the picture for video

It’s time for trains!  From our friends in LNUR, here’s some video.  Lego *and* trains, what’s not to like?

Here is a very busy pit lane from Tim GP.  There’s a zombie holding the starting pistol…

And here’s another view of the pit lane, plus some smaller vignettes.  Go, Sonic!


Matt has some tips on painting a Lego minifigure picture with this iconic scene from Star Wars:

Fairground video from Mark & Judi:

You’ve always wanted to know this:  how to build a unicorn, a tutorial from Luc:

From Kevin, some Elves.  Click the picture to see more.  Lots more!

Some lovely trains from William, click the picture to see them in action:

Look out for a surprise – a Sphynx Surprise from Paul.  Click the photo to see more.

Here is a video of some Star Wars speeders from Thomas:

The next video for Virtual Bricks 2 is a nostalgic trip, let’s have a look at a vintage LEGOLand Church:

We can’t go out to the pub, so Chris has brought his Lego pub to you – click the picture for his video.:

Here is Carl with his Diagon Alley MOC – click the picture for his video.

Here’s some neat pixel art from Steve G (@thebrickconsultant):

2020 is the 80th Anniversary of the evacuation at Dunkirk.  Wars are not won by evacuations, but the flotilla of Little Ships is now a proud part of our history.  Click through to hear Simon describing his Dunkirk MOC:

Here is a great station MOC from Sebastian Z:

GBCs, or Great Ball Contraptions, are a regular feature of all our shows.  Click through to see them in action!

Here is a farm sheltering under the walls of a great castle, built by Robert C:

Thomas is a great fan of Gilbert & Sullivan.  Click through for the video descriptions of ‘With cat-like tread’ and ‘Three little maids from school’:


Chris T is displaying his take on Star Wars – scenes from the forest moon of Endor:

Here is MOC Eisley – Mark’s labour of Star Wars love.  Click through for the video description.

And finally, here is an essential component of every show – the Brick Pit.  Sadly, these may become an endangered species when we restart shows.