The Big Element Challenge

Build Lego bricks out of Lego – but three times larger than life!  Email entries to

And here are some of your builds.  First up, from Aaron, are a grille and a 1×2 plate:

Chris F made several parts:

And Chris T made a fence piece:

From London AFoLs, Jon G made some 3x size bricks that stack:

You can see how it’s done here:

NB member Kevin T made a series of pieces:

Robert came up with a chicken and a steering wheel:

Members Mark and Judi made several upscaled pieces:

Sarah H came up with this 2×4 plate:

And from London AFoLs Lee McG had some dynamite ideas (see what we did there?):

Luc B made some noise with this piece:

And Dave W made this one:

Steve G (@thebrickconsultant) was as creative as ever:


And even came up with a 3x version of the minifig:

Here is a breakdown of the bigfig – click through to learn how to build it.

Sitting on the fence – built by Steve G

A Rory from Amanda (Lego rhyming slang, a two-by-foury is a Rory).

Various bricks from Jim

Another Rory from Steve T

Giant bricks from Judi.


And a brick separator from Steve G.