Pimp Your Landspeeder

For Space Month – that’s May, as in ‘May the fourth be with you’ – we have Pimp Your Landspeeder.  Build or modify a landspeeder or create one from scratch, and make it how you think it should look – the more outlandish, the better!

This will run throughout May 2021.  Entries to admin@nblug.org.uk.  

There’s no Grey in May – but a lot of Tan from Karl:

Two speeders from Victoria, Friends and a Skeletal Speeder

Jazzy colours from Dave:

These are the flowers you’re looking for, from Judi:

And whose idea was it to fit Nitro to the speeder?   I blame Chris!

Space Police from Thomas:

Here’s a Forestmen version by Nate – and he’s even done the box:



A Classic Space version from John:

…And another spacer from Jim:

Here’s a lovely Fabuspeeder from Stubot:

Chris has reworked a recent GWP into a cool ‘speeder:

Here’s a colourful ‘speeder to start things off, from NB member Brian: