NSC show, March 2018

Held at the National Space Centre, Leicester, on a snowy weekend in March 2018, was the Brickish Association’s first show of the year.  Here are some pictures to give you a flavour, taken by our intrepid reporter Jamie.  Given the venue, there was a distinctly spacey theme to the displays…

Caterham converted spaceship by NB member Iain

House by Yvonne Doyle

Spaceship! builder unknown

Another spaceship, builder unknown. Clever parts usage to make a circular base

More spaceships from NB member Iain

Solid State by Peter Reid. This MOC featured a pop concert with robotic performers. It appears there was a musical soundtrack too!

Women in NASA mosaic, builder unknown

Micropolis by David Tabner

Labrynth by Andrew Danieli