Brick or Treat

It’s Hallowe’en 2020, and our third Virtual Bricks is ‘Brick or Treat’.  There are videos and building instructions throughout.  Happy Hallowe’en!

And here’s a late addition from NB member Harry!

Trick or Treat – looks like it’s going to be trick at this house:

A very ghoulish graveyard:

Some spooky minifigure habitats

Now it’s time for a Rave in the Grave Cave:

Nate loves spiders – Lego ones…  Free building instructions here.

Here’s The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror:

Some pics of Bricknight Falls:

Here’s Nate building a pumpkin – free building instructions here.

Thomas has a G&S-themed MOC, ‘The Sorcerer’ – video here.

Floss has built a farm:

Here’s Nate building a Lego skull.  You can download the instructions here.

We start with a Ghost Train – The Crypt from Mark & Judi.  Click here for the video.