A lego zoo

In 2017, we got together to build a lego zoo.  The idea was that each of us would build a module, and when we got to a show, putting them together would create an instant zoo layout.  The zoo has now gone the way of all bricks, but here is a reminder of the project:

  First up – the penguin enclosure.

Next, two shots of the crocodiles from Jamie.  



Here are Jamie’s polar bears and the elephant house from Robert.


Bobby’s dolphins and Neil’s rhinos.


Terry’s zoo entrance and the information centre from Thomas.


And two shots of the Monkey house from Steve.


Camels from Floss, and Nate’s ostriches.



Lastly, a couple of shots of the zoo on display at the Lymm show in June, and one taken at Bricklive at the NEC in October.