Welcome to Northern Brickworks.  We post something new about once a week, so do bookmark the site.  Latest news of Lego shows throughout the year is over on the  2020 Calendar page which is being updated regularly as we get to hear.  New updates just posted in red.

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Head over to our new PAB Walls page to see what’s on the wall in Lego stores in the North.

Our Lego Building Techniques page is here.  Latest is a new Lego Font, which we’ve called Dots as it uses parts from the new Lego Dots range:

News of our latest show at Calder Valley is here:

MOC of the Month for February is this Triceratops MOC from new member Matt – click through for more MotMs.


Latest pics are from our foreign correspondent who was at the Canberra Brick Expo in August: