Bricktastic 2022

Bricktastic was back at Manchester Central on 26-27th February 2022.  Here are some pictures from the show!

Jim’s castle – but who’s the visitor?

Mosaics by Jo Wood:

Street scene from Robert and something Built Of Loads and Loads Of Colours by Lofty:

Unless I’m very much mistaken, that’s Pikachu built by Ian Kimpton.

Forestland by Mark & Darren Hallbury:

Mosaic of a Roman lady by Kathy Sas:

More mosaics, this time from Ed Diment:

You work out how Jonathan Gale got this to hold together!

Some neat planes, and mechs with attitude, from Rod Gillies:

The Battle of Stirling Bridge from the Bricks to the Past team:

Fe’s zoo layout:

Simon’s 1:1 scale Willys Jeep MOC.  This is before Colin sat in it!

And last but not least, a Vespa mosaic: