Lion Knight History – The Characters Three

1988 Onwards:

CAS553: Formally this chap might be in the Forestmen group, as he appears in the group of green-clad warriors that were taking on the soldiers in 1988 in 6103: Castle Mini Figures – or he might be a hard-pressed peasant, which is why I’ve included him in this group as another example of the civilians that were under the rule of the Lion Knights – at least for the time being…  A very close relative of his might just be seen helping the Forest People evade the troops in 1974: Smuggler’s Hayride as CAS091 – or is that just too coincidental…

CAS195: This is the knight that struggled in the Knight’s Challenge tournament of 1988-89.  He is the first Lion Knight to appear since the Armourer’s Shop in 1986, and from 1984 before then, as the Lions seem to have relied on infantry instead of cavalry for most of their time.  Did that give him a disadvantage in the jousting ring against the Black Knight?  He does appear leading some troops in Ideas Book 260 in 1990, and then again skirmishing with the Black Knight, so although he has a bit more armour, perhaps he wasn’t viewed too badly after his efforts.

CAS110: He carries an axe and a shield in 6060: Knight’s Challenge, but apart from that he appears nowhere else.  I assume he was a supporting escort guard for CAS195.

CAS120: With his distinctive black helmet, he seems to be sitting with the princess in 6060: Knight’s Challenge but taking no part in the tournament other than taking on the beverages at hand.  Was he part of the royal retinue, perhaps some form of ambassador to the royal court, ready to make the necessary diplomatic moves?  He appears nowhere else in other sets or ideas books, so had a very limited role.

CAS216: She is described in some accounts as the princess, so I work on the basis that she is the face of the royal presence who made the ultimate decision to work out the issues between the Lion Knights and the newly hostile Black Knight in 6060: Knight’s Challenge.  Her mother might just be about to appear in 1990 in 6081 King’s Mountain Fortress – either that or she has grown up by that point.

CAS220: He only appears as a form of steward in 6060: Knight’s Challenge, handing out the refreshments for those who attend the tournament, so I suspect that he is part of neither faction.  I include him as an example of the range of civilians that are on duty for the Lion Knights in this period.

CAS121: This infantryman from 6077: Forestmen’s River Fortress in 1989 is unique in his own right, but he also seems to be a little outnumbered – he is either taking on 5 of the green-clothed outlaws in their strong defensive position, or he has been captured and is making a desperate bid to escape.  Whatever he is supposed to be up to, the odds are badly stacked against him…

CAS169: A new knight appears for the Lion Knights in 6042: Dungeon Hunters in 1990.  He wears the new breastplate armour and helmet of the next generation, so he is better protected, and this seems to work in his favour as he manages to capture one of those pesky Forestmen in his prison wagon.

CAS097: The last of the female civilian figures in the Lion Knights history, she appears in 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990 with the new body and face.  Clearly a person of some importance – could she be the queen, ruling by herself or with the king?  She has a strong castle to protect her, but she also mysteriously pops up in Ideas Book 260 in 1990 in some of the village scenes – so maybe she had some sympathies with the peasantry as well?

CAS112: The main infantry defenders of 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990, two of these soldiers defend the castle from the ongoing attacks from the Forestmen and other threats.  This was their only appearance.

CAS147:  One of the last archers for the Lion Knights, two of these soldiers stand in defence of 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990.  They are equipped with the brand new scale mail armour, but this is their only role in the period.

CAS170: One of the knights defending 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990, he is a brand new (and somewhat mysterious) soldier with his black helmet and chest armour.  He is seen doing out on patrol with other knights from the outpost in Ideas Book 260, but has no other appearances.

CAS171: The second of the knights guarding 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990, but he bears striking similarities to CAS189 from 1984 and CAS189A from 1985.  Could this be the returning knight who has become king – or maybe a son who has come back to save the kingdom?  He rides a well-armed steed and protects the queen, and he is seen in Ideas Book 260 challenging the Black Knight, so perhaps his feelings were historic after all…

GEN002: While not necessarily a Lion Knight in its own right, the ghostly figure does appear for the first time in 6081: King’s Mountain Fortress in 1990, haunting all the occupants and generally causing chaos by the sounds of things.  The key questions are: why is it there and who does it represent…?

CAS148: This infantryman mans a fixed position catapult in 1480: King’s Catapult in 1991 – he is one of the last soldiers for the Lion Knights, but he at least has some decent protection with his scale mail armour – but I anticipate that didn’t give him much of a chance from the armies that were pursuing them in the final stages.  He carries a sword and shield to defend himself as well.

CAS114: The last ever soldier produced under the Lion Knights colours, he doesn’t even seem to have the black webbing/ belt of his former colleagues as he pulls a treasure chest on foot in 1463: Treasure Cart in 1992.  While he has weapons to defend himself, all his concentration will have been on pulling those treasures to a safe location – and I very much suspect that he didn’t manage that…