Showcase Spotlight

Most Lego stores have a showcase where members of a LUG can showcase their MOCs, and here are some examples:

Liverpool, May 2021:

Builds by NB member Robert

Manchester store, July 2019:

Lego duck by Steve

Sheffield store, April 2019

Brickford Castle then & now by Nate

Manchester Store, January 2019

Crazy Golf by Neil

Newcastle Store, April 2018

Bobby’s Dolphinarium

Liverpool Store, April 2018

Steve’s second version of his typewriter – currently on Lego Ideas

Manchester Store, April 2018

Market scene by Robert

Leeds Store, March 2018

Funky Figures by NB member Robert. The two at the back look familiar, somehow…

Manchester Store, Jan 2018

Trains by NB member Jim. If these remind you of Triang Hornby, you’re old!

Liverpool Store, Jan 2018

The wave by NB member Steve

Liverpool Store, October 2017

NB member Steve with his typewriter

Liverpool Store, July 2017

The Lion King by NB member Robert. Extra scenery from Chris.

Liverpool Store, March 2017

Lego Landrover by NB member Terry.

Liverpool Store, Jan 2017

NB member Steve with his Hungarian Horntail Dragon

Liverpool store, October 2016

Shark Aquarium by BA member Chris

Liverpool Store, August 2016

The International Space Station by Steve

Liverpool Store, Jan 2016

Liverpool Landmarks by NB member Steve