One MOC to the Theme of Another

This is our competition for the Autumn – One MOC to the Theme of Another.  Loosely based on BBC Radio Four’s panel game I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, you build a Lego set or a MOC but do it in the colour scheme and style of another theme.  A Star Wars build in steampunk, for example, or a Classic Space set in Octan colours.  What will you build?

To start off, here is Darth Vader’s Imperial Shuttle built in Classic Space colours:

And here is the Northern Brickworks logo in the colours of several different themes – how many can you spot?

I can see:
Forestmen, Classic Yellow Castle, Taj Mahal, Aquaraiders, Creator, Friends, Classic Space, our standard Logo, and Hogwarts Great Hall.

Here is the answer – you can have a point for Aquaraiders or Aquanauts, whichever you guessed.

Here is Architecture – Friendstyle by Helen:

Here is Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder – but Benny seems to have given it a new look…

Next up we have Stephen Price’s version of the Death Star from Star Wars – the FriendStar…

And here is a Star Wars gunship by Steven from TartanLUG – very nice in Classic Space colours:

And to finish off with, here are two versions of the famous Lego Duck by NB member Steve – first in Classic Space colours:

And then in Star Wars livery:

And finally, Benny the spaceman has borrowed Luke Skywalker’s snowspeeder:

But it’s not final!  Here are two late entrants:

The Frozenmobile from Maria W:

And the Black Knight Bus from Matt W: