Notts Brick Show – Nov 2021

A Northern Brickworks show held in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, on 6th November 2021.  Both exhibitors and visitors were very happy to see life starting to return to normal after a Summer of lockdown.  Here are some pics of what was on display.

We start with a lenticular mosaic from Jim – an Englishman’s castle is his home:

Kate built some eye-catching vignettes each in a single colour:

Chris showed his Micropolis build.  Look out for the cheesegrater and the Elephant building:

Is it a bird, is it a plane?  No it’s Superman (or Batman, depending how you look at it):

Steve built another lenticular mosaic, called Hope – stormy weather turning to sunshine after the rain:


Mark & Judi brought the world’s largest travelling miniature funfair:

Lovely Aladdin vignette and a scene from the Battle of the Five Armies:


And finally, a towering achievement from Rob: