North Notts Brick Show April 2019

Held on 6th April 2019, the third North Notts show displayed some fantastic creations, and here is a small selection.  We start with trains:

As they used to be – 3-rail Lego trains by Johnathan Evans

4-6-2 Blue Peter emerges from its engine shed.

Afrika Korps – Sdkfz7 half-track pulling a Flak 88. Models by NB member Martin Redfern.

Look out below! Perilous bridge crossing by Fraser Dallachy.

Hogwarts display by Kevin Theaker.

The King’s Catamaran by Thomas Newby.

Modular Street by various builders.

A hospital. What is it? A big building with doctors and nurses… By Christine Aird.

And here is Christine’s shopping street.

Space, 1969. Apollo Saturn V takes pride of place on Margaret Greenhall’s display.

Pegasus Bridge on D-Day, one of a sequence of builds marking the 75th anniversary by Simon Blackburn.

Sherman DD tank making towards the beach-head.

Sherman DD with the canvas screens collapsed as it reaches the beach.

Another variant of the versatile Sherman, this one with a flail used for clearing mines.

And last in Simon’s D-Day series, the Universal Carrier.

Finally, there’s no show without a lego mosaic: