North Notts 2018

A selection of pictures from the second North Notts show, held on 17th March 2018.  Photos by NB member Jamie unless otherwise credited.

The motley crew! Northern Brickworks and friends posing with the Fairybricks mosaic. Pic by Steve.

The Fairybricks Mosaic, without which no show is complete. Pic by Jim.

A lego spitfire and a Bedford fuel bowser, part of a large display of World War Two lego. Pic by Jim.

Lego turntable and an eclectic mix of engines! Turntable by Samuel and pic by Jim.

Steve’s typewriter. This featured on the Channel Four series Legomasters, and Steve has entered the MOC on Lego Ideas.

If you’d like to see this become an official lego set, please go to Lego Ideas and vote for Steve’s typewriter

The Vader Collection, by Robert. Impressive. Most Impressive.


Church by Christine

Dinosaurs by Jessica



Jousting Tourney by Irene

Saturn V rocket on a launch pad by Jack Horner

More Dinosaurs by Jessica

Pac-Man by Terry

Siege scene by Faolin

Springfield Elementary School by Steven

Stegosaurus and friend by Jessica

Steve’s table

Thunderbird Two

Transylvanian village by Grigore