Lymm 2019

Held on 23rd June 2019 was the Lymm Historic Transport Day – nearly eight thousand people visited, and over 3,000 of them came to look at our Lego models.  A small selection of pictures:

No Lego display is complete without its own commemorative Event Brick.

Darren’s Batcave was a popular attraction.

Battle Bots from Nicola.

A small section of Simon’s incredible D-Day display.

The PTSD Bee from Paul and Lisa. Notice the Shropshire Flyer barge below.

Speed Champions Garage from Robert, including some vintage cars from Matt.

Steve’s seaside display.

The Museum’s first outing. This is our 2019 collaborative display – we each built a gallery and putting them together creates a museum for our minifigures to visit.

And finally, Floss built this zorbing display for her evolving fairground. Clever use of hidden magnets meant that the zorbs moved around the arena with no visible means of propulsion.