Grimsby 2019

On 16th November 2019, the first Great Grimsby Brick Show took place.  Here are a few words from Kevin Theaker, who organised it:

The great Grimsby brick show, Grimsby’s 1st lego show and 1st event like this we have organised.
We had been planning the show for a while as we’ve been all over the country but have never had a show in our home town. After a few sleepless nights running up to the event and plenty of planning it was ready.
Some fantastic displays of Mocs and Mods had come together from across the country.
Not only did we have lego on show but a wand decorating workshop and gaming challenge and a couple of traders. We were pleasantly surprised we had 189 people visit the show, of which 101 were adults. Everyone loved the displays and over a week later we still getting people talking about the show and are wanting dates for a 2nd next summer.
A total of £505.75 was raised for the children’s hospital charity Sheffield children’s hospital charity where Kendra my daughter has been receiving treatment over the last 3 years.

And here are some of what was on display (credit to Mark Pullen for the photography):

Robert brought his Lego logo and his mini-me:

There was a giant fairground from Mark and Judi:

And Hogwarts castle:

Plus some scenes from Mos Eisley.  Who did shoot first I wonder?

And Mos Eisley as you’ve never seen it – we’re certainly not in Kansas anymore…

We also saw Minecraft and a Mustang, Spongebob and the Ghostbusters:



Plus a sailing ship from Thomas:

And finally, the Yellow Brick Road from Dave: