In 1935, Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen made a wooden toy that is now legendary – the Lego Duck.  To celebrate, we’ve renamed this month Ducktober and we welcome all pictures of your lego ducks.  To start us off, here is a wooden replica made by NB member Steve:

Steve’s replica duck

And after Steve made a replica in wood, NB member Robert made one in Lego!

Duck, by Robert

Not to be outdone, Steve made a flock of ducks…

A flock of ducks, by Steve

Robert and Steve are having a Duck-off!  Here is Robert’s duck mosaic, with great use of the humble 2×2 round brick:

Robert’s duck mosaic

There once was an ugly duckling…

Ugly Duckling

In space, no-one can hear you quack…

Space Duck by Steve

Maybe it should be DUKWtober instead of Ducktober for this pic!

DUKW ready to go!

Three little ducks by NB member Dave:

Three little ducks!

Something from TartanLUG member Nick:

Duck by Nick Kelly

And a duck from NB member Floss:

All ducks welcome!