Calder Valley community brick show, 4th February 2018

The first Calder Valley show took place on 4th February 2018.  The show was an initiative by Mark Pullen of brickz4kidz, and it was a fundraising event for the Mytholmroyd community centre, which got flooded in 2015.  Here is a small sample of the MOCs on display.

Ice Planet 2018 by NB member Iain

Cycle race by Neil Burgess. The moving cyclists are attached to a train running on rails behind the red wall.


Logging train by NB member Grigore.

Golden hotrod by NB member Martin Redfern.


Another lovely vehicle from NB member Martin Redfern.

It’s sixty years since the lego brick was patented in 1958. Here’s a commemorative brick from NB member Robert.