Bricktastic 2018

Held at Manchester Central on 30th June and 1st July 2018, this was the fourth Bricktastic show.  Here is a small flavour of the show, starting with a scary Cyclops:


The bicycle by Mel Finelli had some very inventive part usage, and Ralph Doering’s C-3PIO mosaic was visually stunning.  That mosaic is a Fenbeagle.


Next up was a classic Lego duck from Dan Jarvis, Kildare train station from David & Breda Fennell, and a microscale version of Lion House (home of Ole Kirk Kristiansen) plus David Tabner’s station.


Here are two shots of the seriously impressive layout from Bricks To The Past, with a star fort and a minor mishap at sea.  I think those boys might be in need of a bigger boat…


Lovely Lunar Module 1 from Gary Davis, and Westminster Abbey from Stuart & Naomi.


Last but not least, here is NB member Robert with his souvenirs from attending 96 shows over the years.  We will be expecting a celebration when he gets to the hundred-mark!