A Fistful of Tuk-tuks

Build a tuk-tuk!  Our first building activity for 2021 is based around the new set 40469, a tuk-tuk.  If you’d like to take part, build your own tuk-tuk and customise it any way you like.  Then send your photo here (admin@nblug.org.uk) and we’ll host a gallery.  Let’s see how many variations we can come up with…

How about Men in Black from Karl:

You’ll like this – a duk-tuk from Hannah:

And one from Disney’s Frozen, built by Maria:

Floss has built the fastest tuk-tuk in the west, complete with Lego Ernie:

Here is a JCB version from Jim:

Stewart has made this lovely Fabuland version:

Here’s a funeral tuk-tuk from Lawrence:

You scream, I scream, we all scream, for Ice Cream:

Ice cream tuk-tuk by Steve

A Ninjago version from Adrian:

Here’s Del Boy’s tuk-tuk, from Matt:

A Black Falcons castle from Bobby:


Useful flatbed version from Sian:

Michael’s Alien Conquest version.  Remember the Tripod Invader set?


Robert has gone for a tuk-tuk of many colours:

Little and Large – Mark has an XXL version:

Karl has gone for it with Ghostbusters:

More super Mario – King Boo from Aaron:




Simon has a tuk-tuk in camoflage livery:

Super Mario Bullet Bill from Aaron:

Next up from Karl, a homage to the Ideas set Old Fishing Store:

Remember the Penny-Farthing bicycle?  Here’s Jim’s Tuppence-Farthing tuk-tuk:

Classic Castle is back this year, so here’s a castle tuk-tuk from Robert:

Now Ninjago tuk-tuks from Linda:

Here is a Scooby-Doo version from Jim.  It’s based on 75902 Mystery Machine:

From NB member Dave, here’s a tuk-tuk that’s unique…

Here’s a VW Campervan version from Amanda:

Our Chairman, Nate, is very keen on Star Wars – all those vibrant greys – so Mark made him a tuk-tuk in his favourite colours…

Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters version from Zac (@GimmeBuilds on Twitter):

Steve has built Italian Job versions – looks like he’s already blown the doors off!

Today we have a banana tuk-tuk from Sian:

Remember Rock Raiders?  Andy does…

Now, from Karl, here is a Classic Space take on the tuk-tuk:

Today we have a LEGO Friends version from Judi K:

Next up is a Monster Truck version from Chris McK:

Here’s a s-t-r-e-t-c-h tuk-tuk from Mark:

How about Benny’s tuk-tuk, by Dave:

Here is a tuk-tuk on skis, by NB member Nicola:

Next up is Batman’s tuk-tuk by NB member Chris:

For contrast, here’s a fire engine variant tuk-tuk:

How about this AT-ST from Star Wars, by NB member Karl?

From NB member Chris, here’s an all-terrain version:

First up is this simple recoloured version: