Minifigure habitats – Series 19

Series 19 Minifigure Habitats: by Stephen Guinness

Having seen the idea over on the I thought I would have a go at making a couple of minifigure habitats to go with some of the cool new minifigures within series 19 of the collectable minifigure collection. I soon became addicted and ended up making a habitat for every one!
It’s really fun to do, as each habitat is based on an 8×8 plate so it remains a small and manageable build, but they are still big enough to fit in plenty of details.
Here is a brief description of the habitats that I made:

1. Video Game Champ
I really enjoyed filling this scene with as many details as I could, from the multiple screens, to speakers and fast food. The stickers on the notice boards on the wall are from the Go Brick me Brickhead set.

2. Shower Guy
For this one I had remembered a funny shower scene from the first LEGO Movie, so I looked it up and this provided inspiration for my final build. Ice creams make great soap suds!

3. Fright Knight
I’m not a fan of Ghosts etc, so I decided to keep this basic and refer back to the first classic yellow LEGO castle.

4. Monkey King
With this scene I set the minifigure deep in the forest, “greebling” again with as many green leafy parts as I could!

5. Programmer
Keeping with the LEGO theme I have given the programmer a maze for her to programme the robot around.

6. Mummy Queen
Here I thought it would be a fun idea to combine two minifigures in to one scene, fitting both in to the ruins of an ancient pyramid full of treasure.

7. Jungle Explorer
Included with the Mummy Queen

8. Firefighter
I wanted a fire, and decided on a crashed car to be the subject. I build the base with plate on its side to make white lines on the road and then added just half a car in to the scene.

9. Dog Sitter
Taking the dogs for a nice walk in the park, sitting on a bench, but not looking forward to clearing up the poo!

10. Pizza Costume Guy
Fast food restaraunt, includes a window, so you can even order using the drive through!

11. Galactic Bounty Hunter
Here I have made a small section from the inside of a space ship, with a sliding door and a nice bit of “greebling”!

12. Gardener
This is one of my favourites, based on a small lean to glasshouse, with the gardener hard at work inside potting up some plants.

13. Rugby Player
My son Obby gave me the idea of having this based in a stadium, and by adding tiered seats I think the overall scene works well.

14. Fox Costume Girl
The classic riddle of the Fox, grain and chicken getting across the river. I added in a small waterfall for an extra bit of detail.

15. Bear Costume Guy
I took the idea of the rainbow, and have shown the minifigure sitting on a cloud at the end of the rainbow.

16. Mountain Biker
The basic idea was to have a mountain, but I tried to add details in the background as well as some steps in the foreground on a mountain path. The bike is actually held in position with a stem of LEGO grass!

I’m quite tempted to keep on building and look at the previous 18 series of minifigures, but if I was to start building around 2 habitats per week, just for fun, it would take three years to complete!
Watch this space!
Steve Guinness

Photos can be found on my Twitter, @thebrickconsultant, instagram or Flickr