Lego from Stuttgart

On my travels I saw an exhibition of Lego in the German city of Stuttgart, put on by the German LUG ‘Schwabenstein 2×4’.  The builder was Andreas Reikowski, and you can find  more of his builds on his Flickr account.

Here are some of the snaps I took, plus his captions which Google Translate has rendered into sort of English…

The Calatrava project
There is a builder, Santiago Calatrava, coming from Spain and when he builds it sometimes looks like a bird wants to fly. Or as if a huge insect has just landed. Or as if a Dino skeleton suddenly stands in the middle of the city. So he builds as if the houses and bridges were alive. And because I like that, I once tried, if I can build something like that. Of course, it is nowhere near as great as when the master builds – but Lego does not look ’round’ like that, does it? It is a bridge over which trains are to travel.


Three rings
Freely after Arthur Schopenhauer I use ordinary stones and build unusual things: It is indeed normal 1×3 and 1×1 stones, which – treated with this construction technique – can be rounded to a stable ring … if you have a little skill and ample patience and, last but not least, strength is expended. When presented to the audience to touch, these rings have a huge appeal and a high play value. As part of one of my art projects, I ask passersby to keep their heads in the barrels so I can photograph them.

There he is my dear!
Now you are asking yourself what that ‘should be’? Because that is not as clear to answer as in the other showcases. That’s why there is a strange answer: It should be what you are. Look closely! What’s in the boxes? And why do the two characters look so strange? Does the little one want to hide? Is the big man happy to find the little one? So you could ask – but you have to find the answers yourself. But no matter if you ask yourself questions or find the answers, the artwork itself already says something. You just have to listen carefully because it says very quietly:
‘I’m there!’

Note for adults: The two characters are actually Lego and testify to the most unsuccessful and fastest re-set lego series called ‘Galidor’, which was used by the company at the turn of the millennium to wreak havoc on the kids and make ‘Lego no Knoppen’ tasty for the kids. Accompanied by a sublimely bad TV series, the children should be able to recreate scenes from this series with the characters. With a shudder, Lego remembers this dark capital today. Reason enough for me to break a lance for the neglected in the universe of colourful stones with this work of art.

Microscale City (scale approx 1:1000)
Most of all, I like to build very big houses. But since I do not have so many stones, the houses have to become smaller. For each building, I’ve come up with a little story .. I can tell you but not all. But you can try to find certain places and houses. The two parks are very easy, you will discover the two stations quickly. But this is how the Singhalle stands – and where is the police? And if you look closely, you even discover the museum where there is nothing to see but Lego! Can you pretend to live in this city? And how is she supposed to be called?